Whether you’re interested in learning a new technology or advancing your skills in a familiar stack, there’s something for everyone at the Modern Web Conference. All talks are curated by a diverse team of experts well-known for their knowledge in and contributions to their industry & specialization.

Jen Simmons

Web Technologies Evangelist @ Apple

Myles Borins

Staff Product Manager, Open Source @ GitHub

Houssein Djirdeh

Developer Advocate @ Google

Ali Spittel

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS Amplify

Guillermo Rauch

Founder & CEO @ Vercel

Tee Diang

Software Engineer @ Oracle

John Papa

Principle Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft


Tessa Mero

Developer Advocate @ Cloudinary

Quincy Larson

Founder @ freeCodeCamp

Emma Bostian

Software Engineer @ Spotify


Brian Douglas

Developer Advocate @ GitHub

Hampton Lintorn Catlin

CEO & Co-founder @ Veue

Debbie O'Brien

Head Developer Advocate @ Bit

Kevin Powell

Educator & Entrepreneur @ kevinpowell.co

Danielle Man

Engineering Manager @ Apollo GraphQL

Yan Cui

Developer Advocate @ Lumigo

Simona Cotin

Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft

Georg Link

Director of Sales @ Bitergia

Mark Erikson

Senior Software Engineer @ Northrop Grumman

Cassidy Williams

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @ Netlify

Jeremy Daly

GM of Serverless Cloud @ Serverless

Luciano Ratamero

Senior Python/JS Developer @ Labcodes Software Studio


Maria Lamardo

Senior Accessibility Engineer @ CVS Health

Samson Goddy

Co-founder @ Open Source Community Africa

R. Mark Volkmann

Partner And Principal Software Engineer @ Object Computing, Inc.

Tracy Lee

Founder @ This Dot Labs

Eric Meyer

Co-founder @ An Event Apart


Jon Wong

Developer Experience Engineer @ Coursera

Gift Egwuenu

Frontend Engineer @ Passionate People

Scott Davis

Web Architect & Developer Advocate @ ThoughtWorks

Tan Li Hau

Frontend Developer @ Shopee


Stephanie Eckles

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Alex Kyriakidis

Founder & Teacher; Enterprise Consultant @ Vue School

Wes Bos

Engineer & Entrepreneur @ WesBos.com && Syntax.fm

Sandy Guberti Ng

Data Visualization Engineer @ Teachable

Justin Jackson

Co-founder @ Transistor.fm

Lee Robinson

Solutions Architect @ Vercel


Swizec Teller

Senior Software Engineer @ Tia

Amy Hoy

Founder; Co-founder @ Noko Time Tracking && Stacking the Bricks

Henri Helvetica

Developer @ Freelance

Chris DeMars

Developer Advocate @ Quicken Loans

Andy Bell

Consultant designer and Educator @ Freelance

Shruti Kapoor

Senior Software Engineer @ Paypal

Faraz Ahmad

Software Engineer @ Uber Eats

Christian Nwamba

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Steph Smith

Head of Trends @ The Hustle

Uri Goldschtein (Urigo)

Member/Founder @ The Guild

Maggie Johnson-Pint

Senior Software Engineering Lead @ Microsoft

Kene Udeze

UX Designer @ Booking.com

Ben Hong

Senior DX Engineer @ Netlify

Hiro Nishimura

Content Strategist @ 24 Villages

Homer Gaines

Senior UI Engineer @ GetGuru.com

Rob Walling

Co-founder @ Tinyseed && MicroConf

Miriam Suzanne

Co-founder @ Oddbird

John Samuel

Co-founder & CEO @ Ablr

Rikki Schulte

Staff Engineer @ Gatsby

Natalia Tepluhina

Staff Frontend Engineer & Vue Core Team Member @ GitLab

Alex Hillman

Founder; Co-founder @ Indie Hall && Stacking the Bricks


Shawn Swyx Wang

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS


Nader Dabit

Developer Advocate @ AWS Amplify