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Emma Bostian

Software Engineer @ Spotify


Hey y'all, I'm Emma! I'm a Software Engineer at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. Born and raised in Red Hook, New York I moved down to Austin, Texas after college to join IBM as a Software Engineer. I worked on Quantum Computing, Linux on Power Developer Portal, IBM Support, and Spectrum Control for three years before uprooting my two kitties and moving to Germany. I worked in Karlsruhe, Germany on GoToMeeting for two and a half years before I moved to Stockholm this July to begin my dream job at Spotify! In my spare time I create courses for Frontend Masters and LinkedIn Learning. I podcast for the Ladybug Podcast and JSParty. And I blog on my personal blog Compiled.

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Building High-Performing Cross-Cultural Teams

Everything we do, from the way in which we write our emails, to the method in which we provide negative feedback and evaluate performance, governs the performance of our teams. And understanding how culture impacts our efficacy as a team can drastically improve our day-to-day collaboration. In this session you'll learn: How different cultures communicate, How different cultures evaluate performance and give constructive criticism, How different cultures make decisions, How different cultures trust, How different cultures perceive time.