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Hiro Nishimura

Content Strategist @ 24 Villages


Hiro Nishimura is the founder of,, and She teaches “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” courses at LinkedIn Learning. She is a Special Education Teacher turned IT professional, starting her career in Tech with no formal technical education. She worked for a few years in helpdesk and as a sysadmin before making her leap to working as a Freelance Technical Writer, Consultant, and Instructor. Combining her backgrounds as a teacher and an IT engineer, she strives to help bring people with diverse backgrounds into tech by creating jargon-free resources.

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Writing Technical Documentation with the user in mind

Technical docs are really, really hard. We’ve all read “bad” ones. Perhaps we’ve been lucky enough to encounter some amazing ones that make us want to share them with the world. Over the past decade, I’ve transitioned from a Special Education teacher to IT Support Engineer to SysAdmin to Technical Instructor and Writer. And writing effective documentation catered to a specific audience base has been a challenge I grapple with daily. In this talk, we’ll discuss how a realization to “write documentation with the audience in mind” has brought me from helpdesk engineer to AWS Community Hero in a few short years.