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Jen Simmons

Web Technologies Evangelist @ Apple


Jen Simmons is currently an Apple Evangelist on the Web Developer Experience team and a member of the CSS Working Group. Jen’s best known for Layout Land, a YouTube channel about the new possibilities in CSS layout, and The Web Ahead, her podcast about the future of the web. She’s also spoken at hundreds of web conferences, including An Event Apart and SXSW. Her HTML Essentials course at LinkedIn Learning is one of their Top 10 tech courses. Through this work, Jen has championed innovations in graphic design on the web, spawned a new class of layout tools in browsers, and brought clarity and understanding to developers through her teaching.

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Rethinking Flexbox

We’ve been wrestling with Flexbox for a long time. First, because early implementations kept changing. Then, because it was so buggy. Most often, because we've been trying to force Flexbox to do something it doesn’t want to do — to be CSS Grid. Finally now, in 2021, with the most recent updates to browsers, and widespread support for other layout options, it’s time to rethink our understanding of Flexbox. What is Flexbox good at? When is it the right choice? How can we learn, understand, and teach Flexbox better — so we don’t have to keep looking it up?! Jen Simmons will take a fresh look at Flexbox and explain what Flexbox was born to do. Come learn how to be friends with this often misused layout mode.