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Kevin Powell

Educator & Entrepreneur @


Hi, I'm Kevin. I teach people how to make the web and how to make it look good while they're at it. I learned to make websites on my own. I know how fun and rewarding it is, but I also know that it can be incredibly frustrating. I'm here to help make your journey into web development as easy and as fun as possible. Whether you're trying to learn what you need to tweak your small business' website or you're looking to jump start a new career, I'm here to help.

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Conquering Responsive Layouts

For the longest time creating adaptive and responsive layouts was a complete nightmare full of floats, hacks, and way too many media queries. It was a struggle that drove people to libraries and toolkits like Bootstrap, Foundation, and others. Today, more modern solutions such as columns, flexbox, and grid have given us the tools we need to properly control our layouts. Despite that, creating responsive layouts remains a struggle for many front-end developers. In this talk I will be looking at how the best approach is often to keep it simple, even as layouts get more complex and we have an ever growing gamut of devices, screen sizes, and resolutions to work with. We'll look at leveraging the default behaviors that we start with, as well as simple, reusable approaches that we can use to conquer responsive layouts.