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Miriam Suzanne

Co-founder @ Oddbird


Miriam is an artist, designer, and engineer who fell in love with the open web of HTML & CSS. She has spent 15 years learning, teaching, and building web software as a co-founder of OddBird, Invited Expert with the W3C CSS Working Group, staff writer for CSS Tricks, and member of the Sass core team.

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Container Queries & The Future of CSS

Over the last decade Object-Oriented & Responsive design have become the norm – with tools like Flexbox, Grid, intrinsic sizing, and aspect-ratio giving us even more layout control. CSS has always been designed for a responsive web, but that goal-post can shift over time. New CSS proposals like Container Queries, Cascade Layers, Scoped Styles, and Nesting are all aimed at improving the way we write responsive components and design systems. These features will help bring CSS up-to-speed with the latest patterns in modern web design. Let’s see how they work!