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Scott Davis

Web Architect & Developer Advocate @ ThoughtWorks


Scott Davis is a Principal Engineer with ThoughtWorks, where he focuses on leading-edge, emerging, and non-traditional aspects of web development. Scott’s focus on innovative web development has led him to his accessibility advocacy work, which includes educating developers on accessible web design and speaking about the importance of web accessibility for people with disabilities. Scott has been writing about web development for over a decade, and his books include Getting Started with Grails, Groovy Recipes, GIS for Web Developers, The Google Maps API: Adding Where to Your Web Applications, and JBoss at Work. Scott is also the author of several popular article series at IBM developerWorks, including Mastering MEAN, Mastering Grails, and Practically Groovy. Prior to ThoughtWorks, Scott founded ThirstyHead, a Denver-based training and software development consultancy, in 2006 and co-founded the HTML5 Denver User Group in 2011.

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The Revolution will be Spoken

Gartner estimates that roughly 25% of our computer interactions these days happen with our voice. ("Siri, can you confirm that statistic?") 4 out of its "5 Digital Technology Trends for 2020" -- from Multiexperience Across Devices to Interfaceless Machines to Agent Interfaces to Inclusive Design -- hinge their success on voice interaction. So, are you ready to help implement the Spoken Revolution? In this talk, Scott Davis (Web Architect and Developer Advocate, ThoughtWorks) will give you a gentle introduction to the basics (Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text), complete with some simple standards-based examples that you can run in any modern browser. You'll also learn how command-driven interfaces work ("Alexa, play some Bob Marley") and how continuous speech recognition can bring live closed captioning to video conferencing.