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Uri Goldschtein (Urigo)

Member/Founder @ The Guild


Uri Goldshtein is the founder of The Guild, the largest open source group in the GraphQL ecosystem. They support large companies to go through successful technological transformations. Uri travels around the world building stuff and helping developers. He started with assembler, C++, then C# and WPF before taking on the web a few years ago. He will show you how to make magic happen with little to no lines of code using GraphQL. He owns only 30 things and they all fit in his backpack (except his electric guitar which has a case of its own).

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GraphQL Anywhere - Our Journey With GraphQL Mesh and Schema Stitching

During our work with many different clients from all shapes and sizes, The Guild had to come up with all kinds of innovative solutions to help customers achieve the most out of GraphQL and help adopt it more easily. During that talk I will mention how you could use GraphQL in places you thought it wasn’t possible, share open source tools to help you and provide new perspectives about why GraphQL is a great technology.